Owner, Designer, Personal Stylist
Isaac Profile

LMy name is Isaac Bobadilla, I grew up in Southern California in a close family with strong values who taught me to love myself and always do me.  From an early age, I found fashion as a way to express my authentic self.  Presenting my true self through fashion has allowed me to be confident in who I am and what I represent. I love helping others develop their own confidence through style.  I created Loyal Fiel Clothing to share this passion with the world.


FWe believe in Loyalty…to yourself, your community, your values.  We are a fresh, multi-cultural streetwear brand from San Diego. We make affordable high-end streetwear that crosses borders and brings people together through fashion. Our modern, fitted line allows our customers to express themselves authentically through style.  At Loyal Fiel Clothing, fashion is a way of life.  We live everyday by our mantra, Do You, Stay Real, Be Loyal.


CLoyal Fiel was established in 2015 as a personal styling company, brought to life by fashion icon and trendsetter Isaac Bobadilla. Isaac blends bold and classic streetwear designs to allow our customers to find their truth through fashion and express themselves through the clothes they wear. This combination of personal styling and fashion design gives our customers the ability to present themselves with authenticity, self-love and respect.

Do You | Stay Real | Be Loyal